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Azhar Ansari
Department: H.E.J. Research Institute of Chemistry, ICCBS,
Project Title: Greeniz SO2 free green recycling of lead poison from dead battery
ORIC-UoK helped us in understanding the importance of commercialization of our scientific research. A very energetic and supportive team of ORIC-UoK guides us about entrepreneurship through several lectures by experts. I learnt that our country can become Knowledge Economy by our own patents and its licensing. Now I am very motivated to work for Pakistan.
Sana Abdullah & Maria Ahsan
Department: Food Science and Technology
Project Title: Biodegradable plastic films
Working with ORIC has been an amazing new experience for us. We thank ORIC for providing us with a grand platform to put forward our idea together with guiding us at every step about how to present ourselves at our best. We were encouraged and mentored enthusiastically by the whole team to have confidence in our idea. ORiC helped us come into contact with relevent industrialists and investerors who were rightfully interested to learn and support our project. They also worked towards publicizing our idea on social media. Thank you ORIC.
We have developed portable burn bandage using some extracts of fish skin to treat small scale household burns. Because usually we treat small scale burns with topicals or toothpaste which don't ease pain and leave burn scars. This will help people who get small scale burns in daily routine, reducing pain and burn scars. Its about developing some thing you can buy from nearby drugstore to treat small degree burns. Our product “Sanitatem” is Pakistan’s first portable burn bandage.
Sanitatem Bandage helps prevent and treat wound infections in patients with serious burns. It cuts down healing time by up to several days and reduces the use of pain medication. It helps to treat household burns. It helps to remove scar marks. It is Organic Absorbs directly to skin.
Arooba Jahangir, Haleema Sadiya, Mahrukh Zia, Rameesha Khan, Samrah Ahmed, Syeda Uroosa Nadeem, Warda Jamil
Department: Institute of Marine Science, UoK
Project Title: Squido Hair Dye (Organic)
We highly acknowledge all the worthiest efforts made by ORIC in escalation of our product. At the beginning, our product was just a silent idea. Nobody knew about it. But now, people not only know our product, they are curious about it. ORIC has served us a platform in presenting our product in front of the renowned Industrialists and Venture Capitalists. Furthermore, ORIC has been so helpful in the promotion of our product all over the Pakistan through social media and media coverage. We're thankful to ORIC for providing us such great opportunities. No doubt, the training and experience we had throughout our journey with ORIC will be beneficial to us in future as well.
Hira Sarfaraz
Department: Department of Botany
Project Title: Capsules and Pellets prepared from the fruits and vegetables waste in the management of root pathogenic fungi.
The office of research innovation and commercialization provided a platform to inculcate our ideas which motivate and encourage my entrepreneurial skills. It is not just a startup competition,its the beginning of our journey. ORIC enables us to share our information/ideas on social media which favors awareness in young generation. Besides these ORIC helped us that how we can enhance our research and commercialize it. I am very thankful to entire team of ORIC who organize this competition its not just the challenge but also a innovation for new startups
Hira Anwer, Hafsah, Sani Khalid, Maham Sheikh
Department: Department of Botany
Project Title: Algaellent
Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) provided a platform to present our project on different social and digital media and helped us link our project with different industries.
Mujtaba Haider Zaidi, Jiya Nisha Ali
Department: University of Karachi
Project Title: MIXED TO ZERO
The ORIC provided us a platform to show case our Startup idea in front of Investors and guided us how to make it more effective while providing a positive impact to the society by not only creating jobs for people, as well as to create an Clean, Healthy and Sustainable society.
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Prof. Dr. Aliya Rehman

Director ORIC

The ORIC office encourages the Research, Innovation and Commercialization culture through integration among University, Industry and Civil Society. Faculty can commercialize their research work to the industry for the benefit of the nation which will develop a trust worthy relationship for future mutual benefit.

Dr Asma Tabassum

Manager Research Operations & Development

Dr. Asma Tabassum assumed two positions at ORIC University of Karachi since January 2014. Prior to this she served as a full time contractual and visiting faculty in various departments of the University of Karachi. She has more than 14 years of research experience and vigorously involved in product development activities on indigenous seaweeds of Karachi coast. She has published several research articles in journals of national and international repute. She is a writer of a book on centric diatom species of Karachi-Pakistan. She has supervised Masters and MPhil theses. She is the recipient of various awards and prizes on her research based innovative ideas at different forums. She has been an oral presenter, guest speaker, judge and panelist at numerous national and international research and entrepreneurship platforms. She has organized numerous sessions/conferences/workshops/seminars/symposia for students and faculty of the University of Karachi. She is energetically involved in creating linkages in establishment of Karachi University Business Incubation Center (KUBIC).

Talha Bin Shuja​

Manager Incubation Center, Industrial Linkages & Technology Transfer He is a trainer, mentor and an Entrepreneur, he has been working in startup fraternity for more than 8 years. He is an active member in most of the entrepreneurial initiatives in Karachi and has been featured in Prime News channels to share his views about the trends of Entrepreneurship in Pakistan. He has successfully raised 2.6 million grant from USAid for one of his startups. He is also an active member of Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI). He has curated the curriculum and launched KUBIC from scratch. He is responsible for entire operations of KUBIC which includes providing the screening of the applications, access to networking, training and funding agencies for the startups and successfully transforming the startup ideas into sustainable businesses.

Dr Tasneem Saher

Administrative Officer

Dr. Tasneem Saher associated as an Administrative Officer at ORIC in the University of Karachi since 2016. More than eight years of Research experience with related expertise to develop drugs from natural products derived from marine organisms against pathogenic diseases. Worked as a full-time contractual faculty member of the Center of excellence in Marine Biology University of Karachi and other private institutions. Successfully executed HEC awarded project and published papers in different journals.

Ameer Ullah Research

Associate / Assist. Manager (Incubation Center)

Mubasher Yousuf

Facility & IT Support

Trainer, mentor, teacher and freelance developer. Provide Skill Based Training, Teaching and Mentoring of Students at PIMSAT Institute and Indus Public College since last Three Years. Developed and managing 5+ websites including ORIC-UoK, Chemistry-UoK and KUBIC websites. Facilitates ORIC and KUBIC in IT and all Administrative Manners.

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